• 1. Collect maintenance, late fees, and other income.
  • 2. Establish and administer bank accounts.
  • 3. Monitor and follow-up on delinquent accounts and report to Board monthly.
  • 4. Administer accounts payable and monthly reconcile bank accounts.
  • 5. Prepare monthly financial reports, example attached.
  • 6. Prepare annual budget and monitor monthly.
  • 7. Administer payroll using outside service.
  • 8. Assist Board in managing reserve fund.
  • 9. Administer insurance program.
  • 10. Provide all financial information to assist accountant for annual or special audits and year end report
  • 11. Assist consultant in all tax certiorari proceedings.
  • 12. Administer Tax Rebate Program.
  • 13. Prepare 1098ís each January and file summary with IRS.
  • 1. Implement and enforce all rules, bylaws, and procedures and recommend revisions when appropriate.
  • 2. Manage Staff by developing and implementing job descriptions. Meet regularly with staff.
  •     Represent co-op in any Local 32B/J hearing or arbitration if applicable.
  • 3. Oversee building systems. Visit building once a week or more when projects require more supervision.
  • 4. Provide on-going liaison with Board of Directors through written e-mail and telephone communications in order to administer the business of the cooperative.
  • 5. Bid out jobs and prepare for Board consideration.
  • 6. Review and process renovation requests, monitor shareholders renovations ensuring they are in compliance with city codes and building policies.
  • 7. Initiate, record and process all work orders
  • 8. Act as liaison with accountant, attorney and city agencies Act as liaison with accountant, attorney and city agencies.
  • 9. Prepare all written documents required, including correspondence, agendas, meeting notices, etc.
  • 10. Act as transfer agent, which includes reviewing all applications for sales, refinances and sublets, presenting completed application for Board review.
  • 11. Handle all required building filings including but not limited to, property, elevator, boiler, and owner registrations with the Department of Finance, Fire Department, Environmental Control Board, and other mandates.
  • 12. Periodically review existing building contracts for effective service and compliance. Upon consultation with Board enter into or change existing contracts for necessary services for the building.
  • 13. Attend to complaints of shareholders and their sub-tenants.
  • 14. Generally, do all things reasonably deemed necessary or desirable by the Board of Directors for the proper management of the building.
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