Sandberg Management was founded in 1994 and currently has a portfolio of over 60 co-op, condo and rental properties , many of which have either Landmark or Historic status. The firm is positioned to take on more properties with its existing experienced staff.

Sandberg Management is qualified to meet and exceed your property’s expectations of a management company.

Specifically, the company’s areas of expertise are in financial, facilities and staff management as well as maintaining excellent relationships with board members, shareholders, unit owners and renters.

In terms of managing your finances Sandberg has the purchasing power to secure the lowest prices for utilities, supplies and other building services. They can help you refinance your underlying mortgage by securing the lowest rates available on the commercial level because of its’ long term relationships with lenders. Sandberg can save you money on fuel by locking into various hedge buying programs. They will help develop a long term capital improvement plan by conducting a study of the remaining useful lives of the building’s systems and incorporate projects you may be considering. After having a capital budget in place they will recommend ways in which to build up the Property’s capital reserves to fund capital improvements. An annual budget is prepared each year and budgets are monitored on a monthly basis to ensure the ongoing financial health of the property. Sandberg will also help you save money with your insurance costs by maintaining its own $100 million umbrella liability program at extremely low premiums.

In terms of managing your facilities, Sandberg has extensive knowledge in building systems and has the experience overseeing major capital improvements. All project management services are included in your monthly fee.

Sandberg will work with your superintendent to develop his efficiency while lowering expenses associated with outside vendors.

Sandberg Management offers you the personal and professional attention other firms merely promise but often cannot deliver.
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